A Matter of Perspective

solo exhibition
Fresno City Hall, Fresno California
May 1 - June3, 2003


The theme of this exhibition is "Progress" and how it is perceived.
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The following are selected installation views. Work included 'unveiling of new work' digital prints on Habotai silk as well as traditional paintings oil and acrylic on canvas and mixed media constructions.


There are always those who come after -- the people who feel they are improving upon what was, before them, perceived as the perfect way of life.

The tillers of soil spoke of improvements they made to the land that was held in respect in its natural state by the natives of that land. But the farms were productive, and life was good.

Villages grew into small towns that always took adjoining fertile, productive farm land. But the towns were pleasant to dwell in.

Homes that were nurtured and prized in the towns were demolished to make room for high-rise buildings and freeways. But the architecture was of excellent workmanship, of the best materials; travel was quick and the life-style exciting.

All these changes were not bad, except to those from whom had been taken.

What then is to take from the modern city?
Deterioration is a law of nature as sure as the spring rain and rising sun