Dunne Geneology

Ralph Fred Clyde Dunne Donnalee Joan Nelsen
Fred Cunningham Dunne Jeanne Elizabeth Smith Joseph Waldemar Nelsen Minnie Rebecca Hanson
Clyde Dangerfield Dunn Matilda Mae Cunningham Ralph Amos Smith Eugenia Mae Cather James Christian Nelsen Mary A Thygessen Lars Christian Hanson Anna Jacobsen

This is a work in progress and links will be added as available

I have been working on this project since 2017, with information gathered for years before. The further I go, the more complex this family becomes. Three 'branches' of the third generation past have gone well into the BC era and am finding notable people in the blood line of the Dunne's.

The Cather branch is complete for now, but stories of individuals will be posted as completed. One to watch for is about Richard & Penelope Stout. She is the historical lady who was scalped by Indians and rescued by another Indian. Richard is one of the purchasers of Manhatten Island.

I am posting geneology of Belle separately as well as the Ruckman branch of hers. She is the Indian ancestor we have all heard about and still haven't been able to verifiy the tribe or which of her parents were Indian. But there are family photos of her in her garb. Working on her father's line, but her mom's goes back to the Ruckmans who were early colonists in New Jersey.

Ralph spent much his early years bouncing from family member to foster care and never even found his father after the age of four. He had searched now and then but only knew the Dunn family was from Dallas somewhere and at that time, without the internet, was nearly impossible to locate from a distance. He would be amazed at the ancestors he had and was not aware.



Joseph Nelsen

Minnie - Lars Hanson

Minnie - Anna Jacobsen

Fred Dunne

Ralph Amos Smith

Eugenia Cather

Belle Johnson Cather Keal

Belle Johnson Cather Keal ,
Ruckman side

Sureties of the Magna Carta

Family on the Mayflower

Culpeper's Rebellion


Dunn Family in Texas

Crusaders & Kings of Jerusalem

Belle's story

Penelope's story

The tale of Gor & Nor

Tarzan, Robin Hood & Lady Godiva

Tola & the Gold Rush

James & Mary Nelsen