QUINTESSENCE: Portrait of Earth
April 5 - 16, 1999

Masters Exhibition
Phebe Conley Gallery
California State University, Fresno

artist's statement
Thesis excerpt



Consumate - oil on panel
Containment-Containment oil on panel
ExoGenesis oil on panel
Manifestation - oil on linen
Mimesis - oil on panel
Dissolution - oil on linen
Infinite-Infintessence oil on linen
ONE digital painting
InfraStructure - oil on mixed media SuperStructure - oil on mixed media Transcendence - digital Elemental - oil on panel
Watchmen of the Canyon - acrylic on canvas
Five Sentinels - acrylic on canvas
Flash Flood - digital
The Spectator - acrylic on canvas
Nes't Pas Une Egg - acrylic on linen
Transcendence - digital