selection from the last twenty years

many of the paintings over this time are displayed in various exhibition views on this site



Millenniums 1 and 2
acrylic and pencil on cotton in drawers
42" x 32"

Tribute to the Raisin Farmers

acrylic and pencil on cotton in raisin boxes
(three boxes in all - the photo on the right simply is showing details of the box on the right side of the series)

60" x 24" total size

I call them 'my boxes'. Where the idea came from I am not sure, but the construction began just before the Millennium. As many artists around the world were, I did several pieces in different mediums marking this juncture of time as we know it. I had dragged around for years a couple shallow large drawers in which I kept sheets of paper and other flat things. I wanted to make a 3-dimensional drawing commemorating the Millennium. I had been drawing and painting on fabrics for quite awhile, so using the techniques developed since about 1995, I treated my fabrics and copied various Christian manuscripts on the fabrics and rolled them and wove them into the boxes - one for A.D 30 - A.D.999. The other box was for the second Millennium.

Below the Millennium pieces are my tribute to the San Joaquin Valley farmers - portaits of actual farmers who were in the newspapers, fighting fair prices for their raisins. I show them here in their raisin boxes of 'rolled raisins' in the fields. I favor using cast away dresser drawers and metaphor of family, culture, home in several of the pieces.

Below are woven oil paintings on canvas. Soame are in collections, others have been in exhibitions around the country.

Fire & Water - acrylic on canvas

The Observer - oil on canvas
Golden Sands
acrylic & gold leaf on canvas
30" x 30"
I seldom paint a single painting, but rather in series of at least three.
Below are selections from some of the series. Most are in exhibition pages here on this website.

WaterBirds - oil on panel

SunBirds - oil on panel


oil on panel
24" x 48"

The next four are single paintings, inspired by events in the world or personal observation. On the left is my interpretation of raindrops one sunrise on a dry eucalyptus leaf on my lawn.

On the right is a commemoration to the children who were devastated by the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Tribute to 9-11


acrylic on canvas
30" w x 40" h

Inspired by a satellite photo of earth.
acrylic on canvas

acrylic on panel

acrylic on panel
18" x 18"

There are many more, but the aboveare representative of the whole collection .

Below are a few more figurative paintings in watercolor

About 11:00 pm on December 31, 1999, I went into my studio intent on painting something I previously had in mind. When I got there, I was caught up in the oneness and harmony of the world's celebration of the third millennium. I was especially moved by the tribute to the sunrise. I picked up the materials I felt fitting at the time: my watercolors and a thin veil of cotton fabric and painted through the night. Then I went outside to honor the sun's rising.